Katie Rucke


Curious is one word to describe Katie Rucke, a former investigative reporter, who fashioned a microphone from cardboard at a young age and perused her neighborhood with a hand-held camcorder looking for stories to share with the world.

Katie attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, graduating with a degree in communications and journalism, as well as a minor in psychology. While in college, she worked as a columnist for Yahoo!, sharing her thoughts on life as a twenty-something, as well as providing commentary on political issues through the lens of a millennial college student.

After graduating, she covered education, crime and health beats for Minnesota-based news publications. Katie then headed to Washington, D.C. where she covered congressional and Obama administration White House efforts related to privacy and cybersecurity, as well as the Federal Trade Commission. Katie’s coverage of U.S. efforts to reform the intelligence community’s surveillance efforts, as well as data breaches affecting adult-content websites and U.S. institutions, helped secure the First Place Best Publication award from the Specialized Information Publishers Association.

After moving to San Diego, Katie teamed up with a private investigator and conducted independent investigations for school districts throughout Southern California. She joined VMA in March 2017 and currently assists on accounts for the firm’s education and technology clients, handling everything from press release, brochure and newsletter writing, to creating and implementing social media and local/regional/national media outreach plans.

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