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Mackenzie Smith
Mackenzie Smith
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Mackenzie Smith is a community relations professional with public outreach experience focused on people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

She joined VMA in June 2022, and assists with community outreach and engagement projects, and event planning and coordination. She continues to work with the Metrolink SCORE project, LA County Waterworks Districts, and the City of Chino General Plan Update.

Mackenzie graduated with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Spanish from Oregon State University, where she enhanced her skills in leadership, interpersonal relationships and effective communications. Before joining VMA, she volunteered as a community outreach leader for Abroad Programs International on the Oregon State campus and later spent six months in Madrid, Spain teaching English to children and adults.

In her free time, Mackenzie loves to cook and bake new recipes and spend time at the beach with her friends and family.

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