The VMA staff in front of the office.

Mission Statement

VMA is a full-service, multilingual/ multicultural communications firm focused on developing increased community awareness and media exposure for our clients by providing professional, high-quality, creative communications services implemented to enhance quality of life in the communities we serve.

Our Story

VMA was started in 1996 by Valerie Martinez, who had worked as a newspaper reporter in Southern California and then ran the California Latino Legislative Caucus in Sacramento during the mid-90’s. With roots in community organizing and local political strategy, VMA has evolved from a one-woman enterprise based in Montebello to a communications juggernaut with staff and projects all over the State.

Today VMA is a recognized communications leader in California, with an energetic team of seasoned experts specializing in community outreach, marketing, and public affairs. VMA has also received accolades for early adoption of cutting-edge outreach tactics, layering interactive technology and digital algorithms on top of grassroots outreach to meet communities where they are.

VMA understands the ecosystem that feeds project delivery, including supporting community collaboration, fostering political will, and highlighting measurable project benchmarks. We believe there must be robust stakeholder-government synergy for communities to thrive.

Utilizing a culturally competent model of community engagement, VMA has successfully worked with diverse communities to support project delivery on challenging, controversial, and high-impact projects. We help communities move forward with trust and transparency, while making final projects stronger.

On the private side, our work as marketing partners has delivered key branding and marketing success for our private clients, elevating brand awareness and driving sales. From tech and banking to healthcare and green energy, VMA has been key in establishing and growing brands, enhancing product success, ultimately manifesting a stronger bottom line.

VMA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Platform

VMA was founded on the principle that all work, actions, and practices are embedded in a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe VMA is stronger if our team is populated and led by culturally diverse people who reflect the communities we serve.   

VMA adapts all outreach efforts to recognize and honor unique community life experiences, day-to-day needs, and cultural dynamics. Further, since no community is monolithic, it is critical that we contemplate how age, race, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin/citizenship, physical abilities, neurodiversity, and history impact how the message and the messenger are received. 

VMA approaches communities without preconceived ideas, but with the goal of fostering tangible benefit that is recognized and valued by the community being served. We seek to understand nuances and consider all aspects of community life as we establish language, tone, and tactics to best connect with our communities.

Finally, we endeavor to hire people from underserved communities who have a passion to learn, grow, and thrive. VMA was founded by a Latina, who grew up bilingual in a proud working-class family, with grandparents who immigrated from Mexico. VMA emphasizes the need to nurture new, diverse talent, and with intention, foster leadership opportunities for people of different backgrounds, ages, cultures, and perspectives. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the professional growth of diverse communities, and that best happens when we do so on purpose.


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
California Unified Certification Program
Small Business (SB Micro)
State of California
Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
California Public Utilities Commission
Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Community Business Enterprise (CBE)
County of Los Angeles
State Minority Business Enterprise/ State Women Business Enterprise (SMBE/ SWBE)
State of California
Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE)
County of Los Angeles
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