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Ben Frech
Ben Frech
Executive Associate
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Ben Frech is an energetic and experienced advocate, organizer, and public relations professional who specializes in leading effective public affairs and outreach campaigns that move the needle on critical issues for stakeholders.

Ben came to VMA with more than 15 years’ experience working with non-profits, public agencies, and political organizations across the country to build support for their missions and achieve their goals. With a background in campaign politics and organizing, Ben has a keen understanding of how to bring people together to achieve a common good for a community.

As a public relations professional, Ben has honed his ability to shape narratives and tell compelling stories. He has worked closely with leading non-profits and political organizations to develop strategic communication plans that resonate with their target audiences and lead to action. Ben recognizes the importance of tailoring messages to specific communities while using various channels to effectively reach and engage different stakeholders.

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