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Kevin Ausmus
Kevin Ausmus
Senior Associate/Lead Writer
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Kevin Ausmus leverages his deep roots as a community advocate and his eclectic writing background to support VMA’s media relations campaigns and public affairs strategies.

Kevin, who joined the firm in 2015 and serves as a writing mentor within the VMA writing team, engages communities by utilizing strong prose to present newsworthy stories about extraordinary students and teachers. Kevin’s expertise is his ability to breakdown complex programs and policies into stories that are accessible to many different audiences.

Given his talents as a writer and a performer, Kevin is host of VMA’s education podcast California School News Radio, where he provides a voice to the many people covered on a daily basis by the VMA team. He interviews students, teachers, administrators, and parents from VMA’s school district clients, showcasing, in their own words, their achievements and successes at their schools.

CASN Radio can be accessed at

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