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Loraine McWhorter
Loraine McWhorter
Operations Manager
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Loraine McWhorter, an administrative professional with more than 30 years of experience, specializes in managing business organizational structures and event coordination.

With a painstaking attention to detail regardless of task, deadline, or project scope, she serves as an executive assistant to VMA CEO Valerie Martinez, heads the company’s organizational management team, and manages human resource needs. As part of these tasks, Loraine is one of the public faces of VMA, ensuring clients and staff alike receive unmatched service.

She possesses a wealth of knowledge about business operations and is adept with office technology, facilities management, payroll, and customer service, and her skillset ranges from strengths in collaboration to time management. Additionally, she is a master event coordinator, striking the right tone for community, business, educational, and government events by overseeing every aspect of the process, including venue selection, contract review, materials coordination, VIP services, and staffing.

Before joining VMA Communications, Loraine practiced her craft for more than two decades in the LA area for a variety of business offices in industries ranging from financial services to arts organizations.

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