The new Buena Park School District logo designed by VMA

Case Study: Buena Park School District

Buena Park School District serves some 4,000 students and their families in the heart of Orange County. The District came to us in 2019, seeking assistance with boosting enrollment and building up its many support programs. Since the start of our work with Buena Park School District, we have provided branding updates including a new logo, print and digital collateral, video, social media management, and more.

Collateral samples for Buena Park School District including a direct mail postcard and a social media post

VMA handled many projects for Buena Park School District, including re-designing the District logo, creating posters to outline the District’s Pathways Programs, professional photography, print and digital postcards for enrollment, monthly Superintendent videos, and event preparation and coverage. We’ve worked with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and faculty to outline how Buena Park School District is encouraging growth, boosting achievement, and creating a better community.

VMA also films, edits, produces, and distributes a monthly Superintendent’s Update for Buena Park School District – showcasing the previous month’s highlights with assistance from the Superintendent, teachers, and students. These video updates give parents and community members a look at the amazing programs and events that make Buena Park School District shine.

Our collaboration with Buena Park School District has increased the District’s visibility to media and to the surrounding areas – shining a light on its many successes.

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