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Case Study: Bonita Unified School District

Bonita Unified School District serves approximately 10,000 students in the San Gabriel Valley, providing them with an educational experience guided by the core values of equity, mastery, and a focus on results. Bonita Unified first partnered with VMA in 2018 with the goal of boosting enrollment, enhancing community engagement, and raising awareness of the District’s successes. Since then, VMA has assisted the District with establishing consistent branding, social media management, media coverage, professional photography, and engaging storytelling about Bonita Unified’s students, staff, and programs through videos, print collateral, digital content, advertising, and more.

A collection of collateral samples including brochures, reports, flyers,  and a digital newsletter

VMA has been instrumental in articulating the District’s vision to the community – via comprehensive Reports to the Community and showcase videos – which have been featured at Bonita Unified’s annual State of the District events. The video presented here was the centerpiece of the 2022 State of the District luncheon, and provided a heartfelt, insightful reflection of how Bonita Unified strives to be a place where everyone can learn, grow, and thrive.

We have also created dynamic digital newsletters that put the achievements of Bonita Unified students and staff front and center, as well as enhanced communication through bimonthly Superintendent’s Updates.

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