Case Study: Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCA)

The Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCA) is tasked with designing the state of California’s proposed Delta Conveyance Project, a 44-mile underground tunnel that will modernize the water delivery infrastructure that services 27 million Californians statewide.

A brochure designed by VMA for Delta Conveyance Authority

VMA provides outreach and communications support for this project, develops and manages social media channels, designs print and digital collateral, and produces a series of short informational videos to aid the public in understanding DCA’s purpose and work.

A series of posters about the Delta Conveyance Project

VMA also facilitates conceptual design meetings between DCA’s engineering team and a 20-member Stakeholder Engagement Committee of community representatives that live or work in the 40-square mile project area, assisting with content creation for highly complex technical discussions that lead to design refinements that reduce anticipated effects on the community.

To support the ongoing communications work, VMA's multi-media team has created and continues to build a full digital assets library for DCA that captures not only close-up and drone footage of the project area’s flora, fauna, and historical landmarks, but also catalogues the work of DCA’s fieldwork engineers and administrative staff.

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