Case Study: Lynwood Unified School District

VMA has worked with Lynwood Unified School District for many years, supporting the District in bolstering communication and community engagement efforts as well as showcasing the academic, artistic, and athletics successes of Lynwood Unified students.

In early 2021, Lynwood Unified enlisted VMA to provide key communications support about critical construction issues at the Lynwood High School campus on Imperial Highway, which required the closure of the campus and a series of District-wide campus realignments. VMA led a multi-channel communications strategy which included hosting virtual information sessions for the community, outlining the consolidation of middle schools, the retention of sixth-graders on elementary campuses, and the transformation of the Lynwood Middle School campus in order to provide a safe learning environment for Lynwood High School students. VMA also facilitated question-and-answer sessions during these virtual meetings, ensuring the community could voice their questions and concerns regarding the realignment, student safety, and more.

A collection of collateral for Lynwood High School's relocation project including social media, web design, and print collateral

VMA also provided consistent updates on the facilities improvements at Lynwood Middle School – dubbed the Lynwood High School Bullis campus – that were completed during the summer of 2021 to ensure the campus would be ready to house Lynwood High students on the first day of the 2021-22 school year. Such updates included eblasts outlining the improvements, construction progress and recap videos, and social media content.

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