Case Study: Metrolink

As Southern California continues to grow, Metrolink understands that they must do more to serve the growing population and meet the state’s ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gases and improve access to affordable housing and job opportunities. Metrolink’s Southern California Optimized Rail Expansion (SCORE) is a $10+ billion capital improvement program that includes grade crossing, station and signal improvements as well as track additions. SCORE will accelerate Metrolink’s goal towards a zero-emissions future and prepare for the millions expected to arrive for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic games. Metrolink sought out VMA to create project awareness, targeted community outreach, event planning, brand awareness, and boost ridership.

VMA began its work with SCORE by creating a branding strategy which included graphics and messaging that maintained visual continuity with the original round of messaging. We created a branding package with compelling economic and environmental facts to deploy across project-specific fact sheets, social media, flyers, and other communications channels.

The front and back sides of a SCORE flier designed by VMA

In partnership with Metrolink, our campaign planning and implementation continues to deliver a marketing program that places Metrolink at the forefront of trusted transportation options for Southern California residents.

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