Biosolids Digester Facility Project

The Biosolids Digester Facilities Project (BDFP) is a major municipal construction project overseen by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Located in the Bayview-Hunters Point (BVHP) neighborhood of San Francisco, the project general contractor, MWH WEBCOR, wanted to elevate their commitment to local hire initiatives by seeking out and recruiting residents directly from the neighborhood impacted by the project. They knew that using social media platforms would be key to capturing the community’s attention and enlisted the services and expertise of VMA Communications to help them achieve their goal.

Social media samples for BDFP

VMA created and launched engaging Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages for the project and populates them with a continuous stream of content showcasing hiring success stories, partner agencies that help provide training and resources to workers, and information to help BVHP residents learn about and access the career opportunities on the project. This content, featuring people directly from the BVHP neighborhood, has gained substantial traction in the community and is helping MWH WEBCOR exceed its goals for hiring from the hyper-local community.

VMA also helped MWH WEBCOR revamp its online application with accessible language and inclusive imagery to better suit the target demographic, leading to a substantial increase in capturing contact information from interested workers.

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