A "Save Our Water" presentation

Case Study: LA County Public Works WaterWorks

With California in the midst of a drought, the Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (LACWD) – an agency comprised of six districts providing water to communities throughout the region – sought to develop an Interactive School Education Program targeted towards fifth graders in the Antelope Valley and Malibu School Districts to inform the students of the Districts’ local water supply issues and the importance of wise water usage. The agency wanted to use grade-specific science content as well as agency-specific messaging to capture the student’s attention, help them understand how their decisions can have an impact on their community’s water resources, and encourage them to adopt conservation measures.

Slideshow cover: Save Our Water!
Slide: Where does our water come from?
Slide: infographic showing where our water comes from
Slide: guess how many gallons
Slide: infographic showing the difference between one and five gallons of water
Slide: Household water usage in galllons
Slide: Laundry water usage
Slide: Water Usage - Showers vs. Baths
Slide: Tooth Brushing water usage
Slide: Sprinkler usage
Slide: How Can We Save Water?
Slide: When Can You Water?
Slide: The Watering Rules

VMA began its LACWD Water Conservation Outreach work by creating a 20-minute interactive presentation that includes age specific, colorful graphics that are paired with thought-provoking activities and crucial information about California’s water infrastructure and drought.

Print collateral samples for WaterWorks

In addition to the interactive presentation, VMA is coordinating presentation times with teachers in all eight of LACWD’s targeted school districts. Furthermore, pre and post tests, as well as teacher review forms, are provided in order to demonstrate the students’ retention of the key concepts taught throughout the program.

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